KG+ 2023


張 譯云、邱 麗瓔、黄 楚涵、邱 于瑄

Yi-Yun CHANG、Li-Ying CHIU、Tsu-Han HWANG、Yu-Hsuan CHIU

30-40-50:The Changes of 4 Female Artists

After experiencing the world crisis of Covid-19, even though it is impossible to recover from the normal lifestyle of the past, the transformation and self-reflection during the pandemic  have brought viality  back to life. This exhibition, with  the works of four female photographic artists spanning three age groups, "30.40.50", can be seen in not only their uncertainties about social and personal achievements but  senses of belonging, as well as in their compromises and choices within the family, all composing  their unique life journeys in the "Present Moment" of significant changes. Moreover, they describe each period of woman energy by viewfinders in person. Yi-Yun CHANG's "Coinciding" and Li-Ying CHIU's "Fruits and Vegetables" record their observations of the environment, perhaps walking through a traditional market, an ordinary market street, or a routine that few people notice. Still, at this time, they make a difference by gently changing their perspectives. "Physiognomy Derived from Heart " by Yi-Yun CHANG captures the expressions of animals through close-up photography, revealing imperfections in the partial images but also presenting the actual state of the creatures, leaving the imagination of the viewer to piece them together . Tsu-Han HWANG's "Overcoming Melancholia" is a dialogue and reconciliation process with herself, where what matters is not the past, but understanding and embracing one's future. Yu-Hsuan CHIU's "Alone Here" is a slice of daily life that harmonizes the struggles of survival and the present self in each period, leading to a sense of belonging. In this exhibition, especially during  and after the epidemic, we can feel their different interpretations and growth of photography through their works.  Four series of works  connect four life experiences with different photographic styles, then reconnects their past with the present and look forward to the future.


374-2 Horiikecho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto