Cindy Bissig


Blurred Reality


"Blurred Reality" highlights the fine line or grey space that lies between reality and our imagination. Beautiful places of escape.

It deals with isolation and how easy it is to drift into a seemingly comfortable and perfect world of our own making. An escape into a beautiful, yet empty world deprived of human connection. Faceless people, shadows, and paths too difficult to cross.

Visitors are invited to experience the scenes through a short video, music, and soundscapes. Footsteps on snow, the beeping of a traffic light, ordinary sounds interlaced with music - scenes almost too pretty. Places one might like to stay longer. A different reality. An escape. As the video fades out, visitors are invited to experience the key images and ask themselves what’s wrong here. Beautiful on the onset, they all have a few things in common. Emptiness, isolation, disconnection, a pull away from reality.


10:00 - 18:00

Admission free

Open:4/8-4/19 10:00-18:00(13:00-18:00 on Sun.)
Closed:Wed. Thu.


278-1 Yamashiro-cho HIgashiyama-ku,Kyoto

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